Maruchan Ramen Noodles Review too much Sodium Momofuko

If there is one bond between all college students, thy name is ramen! Although ramen noodles originate from China, they were popularized in Japan. The instant variety was the brainchild of Momofuko Ando and helped make his company, Nissin Foods, the giant of the ramen industry. Toyo Suisan, a successful fish company, attempted to emulate

Japanese food: possibly the world’s healthiest diet.

People in Japan are blessed with enviable health. Life expectancy in Japan is the highest in the world: 80 for men and 86 for women, compared to 76 for men and 81 for women in the United States, with a large proportion of Japan’s elderly remaining active and energetic well into their seventies, and often into

Beef or Chicken Ramen

I’ve had ramen noodles as a staple all my life. Coming from a very heavily Asian oriented family, we’ve always had rice, ramen, soy sauce and other Asian condiments with our meals. And I’ve always enjoyed a good bowl of ramen as a snack or for lunch. But the question is, what is the better

ANZAC biscuits honour the memory of brave soldiers from Australia and New Zealand

The word ANZAC is in fact an acronym for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps; and most people will know, even if American English is their preferred form of the language, that a biscuit in Australia is much the same thing as a cookie in the US. ANZAC biscuits began as a tasty treat baked

The advantages of soup in the diet

Most people enjoy soup at one time or another; particularly in the winter when it is cold. However, it is often something that people eat simply because it is convenient, But they don’t really consider the many benefits to eating soup. Here are some of the main benefits.  Filling Unless you are eating a very

Family Pasta Dinner

I know with a working schedule how hard it is to make a quick and easy meal that the whole family will love. It is hard to find time to cook a meal to meet everyone’s taste but you can’t ever go wrong with noodles. Instant noodles are both quick and easy but they are

Meat why Dry Aged Steak Tastes better

Can you tell a good steak from a bad one just by looking at it? Is a fresher steak going to be more succulent than a dry aged steak? The government is adamant that you can tell a steak is going to be good just by looking at it. That is the reason why USDA

The Chemistry of Bread Making

The chemistry of bread making is a rather scary title for a very simple subject, but then again bread making is for some reason somewhat shrouded in mystery. It shouldn’t be – pulling hot, golden brown, fragrant, yeasty loaves from your oven may seem like a magic trick – but there are just a few

The how and why of Free Range Chickens

If you asked any old time farmer about free range chickens, they wouldn’t have a clue as to what you were talking about. Traditionally, chickens were all free range. They roamed across the barnyard and the front yard, merrily snatching up bugs and seeds as they went. The factory style method of raising poultry was

Is Organic Produce really Worth more Money – Yes

I do believe that organic foods are better. I’m not sure about the health issues, but the flavor and texture are amazingly superior. I nearly gave up drinking milk. It made me feel queasy and had a strange bitter taste. Then I tried organically produced milk and there is no comparison. The organic milk tastes